www.07255.com_【官方首页】-彩神彩票谢孟媛英语音标发音视频第21集 Unit 4 第2部分 在本节课当中个学习单词的四音节,单词的重音和在句子每个单词的重音非重音情况,同一句话,因为重音的位置不同,会有不同的意思,这篇发音教程同样分解了听力中的一些技巧。比如可以通过重音的落脚点,判断出ABCD哪个答案是对的。(当然这是投机取巧,还是把发音学到位吧)

D 四音节
(例)Hospitable, dictionary, baby-sitter, race car driver
(例) invisible, potato chip
 How old are you? / What time is it?
(例)imitation, introduction
 What's the matter? Put your hands up.
(例)I want to know.
We played all day.
We took my car.
(例)Bears are fuzzy.
Cats eat fish bones.
Mike can hear you.
(例)Joe bought a book.
Ed took my car.
Sam's in a bar.

PART 2 学习重点

(例)big/ box
It's big. It's box.
It's a big box. It's very big.
It's a very big box

(例)good/ book
It's good. It's a book. It's a good book.
It's really good. It's a really good book.

(例)phone/ book
It's a phone. It's a book.
It's a phone book.
It's an open phone book.
It's a phone book listing

(例)Mike lobes Mary./ He loves her.
Jean sees Tome./ She sees him.
Eric hats English. / He hates it.

比较 有些单词发音虽然相同,却会因重音节位置不同而产生不同的意思,名词具有各自的重音节,但复合名词的重音节则是落在最前面。

(例)an English teacher→教英文的老师 / an Englsi9h teacher英国籍的老师
a greenhouse→温室  / a green house绿色的房子
a woman doctor→妇产科医生 / a woman doctor女医生

※ Peter: How was your vacation?
Mary: Pretty good 很不错啊
Pretry gtood{真的}很好

※ Jack: How many are left in the basket?
Joe: Not one.(不止一个)
  Not one. (一个也没有了)

※ It's on the table, not under the table.

※ I didn't steal the money. (Some one else stole it.)
I did't steal the money. (That's not true at all)
I did't steal the money. (I just borrowed it.)
I didn't steal the money, (But I stole some other money)
I didn't steal the money. (I had taken some jewelry.)