发言人表示,对于美方7月6日加征关税措施,中方不得不做出必要反击。中方在研究对美征税反制产品清单过程中,已充分考虑了进口产品的替代性(the substitutability of the imported products),以及对于贸易投资的整体影响。同时,我们将研究采取以下措施:


Continuously evaluate the impacts on different kinds of companies.


The new tax income from the countermeasures will be mainly used to relieve the impacts on companies and their employees.


Encourage companies to adjust import structure, and increase the imports of agricultural products such as soybeans and soybean meal, aquatic products, and automobiles from other countries and regions.


Step up the implementation of the guidelines released by the State Council on June 15 on making active and effective use of foreign investment and promoting high-quality economic development to reinforce the protection of corporate interests and create a better investment environment.



一是优化进口结构促进生产消费升级(optimize the structure of imports to support upgrading production and consumption)。

二是优化国际市场布局(optimize the layout of its international market)。

2741.com_【官方首页】-太阳城集团三是积极发挥多渠道促进作用(actively explore multiple channels to boost imports)。

四是改善贸易自由化便利化条件(improve the environment for trade liberalization and facilitation)。


反倾销 anti-dumping

反补贴 anti-subsidy

贸易便利化 trade facilitation

贸易自由化 trade liberalization

外汇市场 forex market

市场情绪 market sentiment

羊群效应 herd effects

扭曲市场供需 distort market demand and supply

浮动汇率体系 floating exchange rate system

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